Preventive Medicine Chest:

Take a few steps now to ensure your health levels are strong enough to protect you from those nasty bugs before they come on...

Nature abhors a vacuum so if there are any nutritional holes in your daily regimen, that’s the place that invaders can get their foot in the door. It’s up to you to cancel their reservation. Here are five things you can and should do to protect yourself.

Number One: Replenish your friendly flora every day. These ‘good bacteria’ stand guard so the ‘bad bacteria’ can't get into your system. No room at the inn, so to speak! Bifidophilus Flora Forceor Probiotic Elevenevery day can rebuild your army of protection and strengthen your immune system. Chewable l-Reuteri is another friendly flora that does not require refrigeration making it the perfect choice for when you're traveling.

Number Two: Make sure your thymus is strong. It’s the lynchpin of your immune system. THIM-J is a key systems product for the immune system. Immune Stimulator is another good choice, especially if you're prone to catching every bug and your immune system can use a boost. Vitamin A&d are also great for strengthening the thymus. They also alleviate joint pain.

Number Three: People who are slightly anemic are more likely to catch the flu. Sometimes there are few signs or we chalk them off to a hectic lifestyle. Time for a little extra insurance! Take some additional iron in the form of I-X which is better tolerated since it’s in plant form, plus Vitamin B-12 complete and CoQ10.

Number Four: Vitamin C has a long reputation for preventing and shortening the duration of colds and flu. Would you like to know why? Because it works! Citrus Bioflavonoids are a great choice or try Rose Hips in capsules.

Number Five: The final step of the prevention plan is VS-C or Olive Leaf Extract, both of which have anti-viral properties. Don’t wait until you have symptoms, but rather build up your reserves in advance.

As always, get the proper rest and exercise, eat a diet of some fresh foods every day, and be sure to breathe some fresh air. Open a few windows in the house, the office, schools, etc. so the fresh air can circulate, sweeping away those anaerobic bugs that are waiting to pounce on you! Then put your feet up and relax. You’ve plugged the holes and your nutrients will stand guard protecting you from invasion!

Spring Supplements:

These days, most people could use a bit more energy. Although a major culprit is low thyroid function, there are other reasons for low energy that can be addressed by the use of supplements and exercise.

Sometimes the problem is really that you’re not getting a good night’s sleep. 5HTP is our favorite sleep aid. It is the precursor to tryptophan. Some foods high in natural tryptophan are bananas and turkey. That’s why everyone wants to head off for a nap after Thanksgiving dinner! Once you get a deeper night’s sleep, you should wake up more refreshed with more energy.

This relaxing supplement also helps with weight loss by making you feel less hungry.

Sometimes aches and pains interfere with sleep. Stiff, sore muscles from the workday can also cause less than restful sleep. This is when Kava Kava can help. It has muscle relaxant qualities as well as anti-anxiety properties so it can also help to turn off the stress of the day that often interferes with getting a good night’s rest.

Extra magnesium helps to relieve stiffness as well as regulating the bowels. People often have an extra 7 – 25 pounds of undigested food in their colon! That would make anyone sluggish, don’t you think? We like the Magnesium Complex because it combines various forms of magnesium that get used by different systems in the body making it more helpful on all levels. The only people who don’t need extra magnesium these days live away from big cities and have no electricity in their houses. Would that be you?

Super Algae is a ‘Super Food’ that’s packed with energy producing protein. Take it earlier in the day so you aren’t up all night cleaning your closet. Bee Pollen is another energy food. What do you think keeps the bees buzzing all day? Another benefit of Bee Pollen is that, taken in gradually increasing amounts over an extended period of time, it can eliminate seasonal allergies! For an energy boost, take it alone or kick it up a notch in a combination like Energ-V. It contains bee pollen, gotu kola herb, kelp plant, licorice root, eleuthero root, yellow dock root, barley grass herb, rose hips, schizandra fruit and capsicum fruit, all energizing herbs.

Combinations are often the way to go, combining different components that work synergistically. Also, you don’t have to open ten different bottles every morning! Of course, it only has one-tenth the Bee Pollen of the single herb supplement.

Maybe your lack of energy can be attributed to a few spare pounds around the middle. It’s tiring to carry those extra pounds around every day. MetaboMax™ EF can help you take off those pounds to lighten your load. Many of the ingredients in it are energizing by themselves. That’s how they help you lose the weight! Other components decrease your appetite and increase your metabolism.

While you’re at it, take a walk! Exercising is actually calming, helping the body to de-stress and prepare for a good nights sleep. Have you purchased your step counter yet? What a good investment of $10. - $15. dollars! Keep track of your steps and set a goal to increase the steps you take daily until you gradually work up to 10,000 steps per day. You’ll lose weight, feel better and definitely have more energy!

Summer Supplements:

Let’s start off by saying that warmer weather improves some conditions. People with arthritis tend to have less stiffness, not just because it’s not so cold, but because the warmer weather requires less clothing so the skin can help the kidneys get rid of excess acids that cause irritation. Of course, Hydrangea helps with that too. That’s why they’re in season this time of year. Muscles seem to be less stiff too because they’re not tensing all of the time due to the cold.

Try to let a little fresh air in even when the AC is running. Don’t lock the airborne pollutants and toxins in so tightly that you can’t clean them out of your systems. Spray some essential oils, especially the citrus variety, like Lemon or Pink Grapefruit, into the ducts for a refreshingly clean air experience!

When you are outdoors, it’s important to use natural sunscreens. (Not those tar-based chemical versions that have now been found to be a contributing cause of skin cancer!) Natria™ Sunscreen, SPF 30, and Lip Balm, SPF 15, contain only natural sun protectors and are safe even for children. Also, sun exposure causes us to use up our essential fatty acids more quickly. In fact, that’s the underlying cause of what many people call “swimmer’s ear”, that summer ear infection that plagues many a “water-baby”. Boost your intake of Super GLAs or Omega EPA oils to decrease sunburn and prevent ear pain.

Of course, we can’t stress often enough that summer heat puts excess strain on the heart. We lose lots of potassium when we perspire and potassium is critical for proper heart rhythm. Take Combination Potassium every day and take a bit more when you’ve been working in the garden or out for a run. It’s heart insurance!

Remember to keep your enzymes like Proactazyme handy. In summer, our diet changes and you might need some extra help in digesting your food, especially if you love to grill those burgers and hot dogs! Try some fish on the grill, like salmon or tuna steaks. They’ll help with that extra helping of essential fatty acids. Or grill some veggies like zucchini, artichokes, Portobello mushrooms or squash. They’re just a few of the veggies that taste even better grilled. Brush them with some extra virgin olive oil and you are good to go!

Autumn Supplements:

With the Holidays right around the corner, we look forward to celebrating with friends and family. Tradition often means Mom's Twice Baked Potatoes or Aunt Sue's Butter Cookies. Gravies, sauces, alcoholic beverages and rich desserts are our reward after working hard all year. But we can undo a year of good health in the last six weeks of the calendar if we are not careful. Office parties, family gatherings and special events conspire to undermine the most health conscious among us.

Rich foods put an extra strain on the liver and gallbladder that are already stressed by medications, household chemicals and estrogen dominance. Estrogens affect both men and women since many common foods contain them. They cause bile to thicken, leading to gall stones or worse. Many people lose their gallbladder needlessly instead of taking a few preventive measures.

The jobs of these two organs are to process fats and toxins that enter the body and sort them out from the nutrients that need to be distributed to various other organs. That is a lot of work on a clean diet, let alone the kind of diets we commonly accept in modern society.

The number of young women who lose their gallbladder as a side effect of using birth control pills (BCPs) is astounding. The same risk is true for women on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) since both contain synthetic estrogen. Estrogen presents an almost greater risk for men since they are not equipped to handle this hormone in any significant amount. Xeno-estrogen is the term given too many synthetic chemicals commonly found in our environments in the form of household cleaners, air fresheners and OTC and prescription medications. This term means that these chemicals behave like estrogen in the human body.

Don't eat late in the day when these organs are naturally slowing their functions. Gallbladder time is 9PM when it has to stop worrying about everyone else’s needs and concentrate on rebuilding itself. Liver time is 1AM when the liver has to devote energy to renew itself instead of looking out for everyone else. Digestion should be over long before 9PM so this renewal can be given the attention it requires.

Enzymes, especially lipase to digest fats, really help the liver and gallbladder do their jobs more easily and completely. It is in the digestive process that the nutrients are separated from the toxins. The liver and gallbladder are the gatekeepers that keep the riff raff out and allow the elite through the door. When enzyme levels are low, digestion is incomplete and often the toxins are bounced out and sometimes the honored guests get booted with their cruder bystanders. Enzymes help to ensure that the digestive process allows for the easy separation into their appropriate categories.

Hi-Lipase is a must for digesting fatty Holiday fare. Food Enzymes are another choice if you still have your gallbladder and want to keep it! Since Food Enzymes contains bile salts, it would be irritating to someone who has already had their gallbladder removed. In that case, choose Proactazyme as your enzyme supplement to ensure proper digestion.

Silymarin found in Milk Thistle has been shown to renew liver cells. It sure soothes a cranky liver! Many people have used it to repair after a bout of hepatitis. A much researched active, studies have noted that silymarin even has a beneficial effect on cells damaged by cirrhosis. With Holiday Eggnogs and Champagne toasts on the horizon, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’ve already overindulged, nip that hangover in the bud with some Milk Thistle for breakfast! The Timed Release formula is a great way to feed your liver all day long.

Ginger, Fennel and Wild Yam are just some of the herbs that help both of these organs to function properly. Gallbladder Formula contains these plus Oregon grape, Cramp bark, Peppermint and Catnip; 7 herbs and only one bottle to open! Sounds a lot like a healthy version of a Holiday Dinner right there!

Fresh lemon juice in water makes a terrific daily cleanser. The juice of one half a lemon daily can do wonders for a stressed liver and gallbladder. Add a few drops of Lemon EO to your shower gel and use over the liver area! A citrus fresh way to start the day!

Winter Supplements:

Respiratory health is a year round concern. More people lose time from their job due to sinus problems than any other single illness. When your sinuses are blocked, you can’t even think so it’s probably a good thing that they stay at home!

Spring and Summer are considered allergy season but we are more aware of the fact that Fall and Winter pose respiratory challenges as well. In the warmer months, airborne pollens trigger lung and sinus reactions when we’re outdoors, or if we let the outdoors in. The cooler months cause us to seal in the dust, dander, sprays and pollutants we’ve brought inside and use daily. Heating systems then blow them around, circulating them all through the house. We can only imagine what is being blown around in some working environments!

The point is that you need to feed and protect your lungs, sinuses and nasal passages all year long. The best thing you can do for your respiratory system is drink lots of pure water. Mucous membranes are designed to be wet. When they dry out, it’s like getting a deep tissue massage without the massage oil. Ouch! The sinuses are a ventilation system for the brain, designed to keep it from overheating. They also allow toxins produced as a by product of brain functions to escape. It’s no wonder the brain goes dull if the sinuses aren’t doing their job! Something as simple as taking a whiff of Peppermint Essential Oil or the combination Breathe Free™ can clear the passages and, suddenly, you can think again! Magic, isn’t it? (Don’t use on children under 2 years old.)

Thankfully there are lots of herbs that work well to clear the airways. The combination, ALJ® helps the entire respiratory tract to gently cleanse itself and promotes healthy respiratory tissue. It contains: boneset herb, horseradish root, mullein leaves, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds. It comes in capsules and a great tasting liquid so it can be used for all ages. Colds, allergies, sinusitis, it doesn’t matter what the challenge is; this is super food just for your respiratory system. You should feed your respiratory system every day, unless you don’t plan on doing much breathing!

Hista Block™ helps the body adjust to challenges brought on by airborne particles, environmental conditions, etc. It is a combination of stinging nettle, quercetin, bromelain and immature orange peel. Keep this on hand for direct aid when seasonal triggers are causing discomfort or distress. Don’t you just love a product that does exactly what is says?

A Chinese formula that we’ve had personal experience with is Chinese Lung Support, a combination of 16 herbs specially formulated to supplement the needs of a weakened respiratory system. Its primary herbs—anemarrhena, aster, bupleurum and astragalus—work to boost the immune system, promote moisturizing, build energy and soothe inflamed tissue. Studies on bupleurum have shown it to be as effective as cortisone as an anti-inflammatory without the damage to bones and connective tissue associated with long term steroid treatment.

First Aid On The Road

Many of us travel and whether your travel is local or long distance, you often encounter challenges on the road. Ginger is great for preventing motion sickness and the nausea associated with it. Whether traveling by car, bus, boat or plane, take Ginger before and during the trip. Activated Charcoal is one of those things you should never leave home without! If you eat restaurant food, you can sometimes pick up a touch of food poisoning. Take 4-8 capsules of charcoal immediately to neutralize any effects. It calms an agitated GI tract by magnetically attaching itself to the offender and escorting it out the door! Of course, for plain old acid reflux, have some chewable Stomach Comfort in you pocket or purse.

Speaking of traveling, if you want to decrease jet lag, take CoQ10 capsules during your flight. They help to make up for the lack of oxygen while on the plane. (They give passengers only 10 percent of the oxygen the pilots are breathing! It keeps the passengers a little tired. Don’t get me wrong, I'm happy that the pilots get the good air!) Drink lots and lots of bottled water to stay hydrated. (I know you don’t like to use the air-potty but your skin won’t dry out and you’ll have energy to walk around the airport searching for you lost luggage!) When you arrive at your destination, take some 5HTP a half hour before you want to sleep and you will adjust to a different time zone more easily.

Essential Oils are small and portable as well as potent aids for on-the-road challenges. Many people find that pure Lavender Oil can relieve headaches. Rub a drop on each temple if you are not one of the few people who just does not like Lavender. A few drops of Lavender in the bath can also provide a relaxing after travel de-stresser. Some people like to put a drop on a tissue and tuck it into the hotel pillowcase for a sleep aid. Taking a whiff of Peppermint Oil can clear your congested sinuses. Don’t apply this directly to your skin. You can, however, add a few drops to a dab of cream, mixing them together before application to the skin. Breathe Free is a combination of oils that is als o helpful, adding Geranium, Rosemary and Niaouli oils to the Peppermint. (Do not use Peppermint on children under two years of age.)

In appreciation & honor of the teachings of Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis.



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